What conditions could be linked to my horse's hindgut?

What conditions could be linked to my horse's hindgut

Until recently, many possible issues with the hind-gut of the horse have not been recognised. Horse owners and vets alike have overlooked the significance of this enormous organ, which can hold 150L of feed material and is responsible for 30% of the horses’ weight. 

However, we are now becoming more aware of its complexity, and beginning to develop an understanding of its possible influence on many aspects of health and disease including:

  • The comfort, happiness and well being of a horse
  • Issues within the hind-gut which could cause failure to thrive
  • Connections between the hind-gut and the skin/ coat
  • Influence on behaviour
  • Increasing risk of developing laminitis
  • Increasing risk of developing colic
  • Its role in insulin dysregulation
  • Reaching and maintaining peak performance

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