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My horse is bloated, what can I do?

Horse with bloated tummy - before and after pictures

"My horse is bloated, what can I do?"

This is perhaps one of the most common questions we hear from horse owners. 

As a responsible horse owner, you recognise that tummy bloating is causing discomfort. Perhaps your horse is very sensitive in the girth area. You've realised that this is connected to what your horse is eating and how they are responding to their feed. 

One owner, Zoe, had been worrying about her mare Celyn, a six year old cob.

Celyn looked very swollen and was obviously in discomfort. Another customer of ours - Joanna - kindly recommended that Zoe try EquiNectar.

Within just a couple of days Zoe's mare's bloating had reduced very significantly and was much happier. 

Zoe told us, "Before trying EquiNectar, Celyn was bloated, uncomfortable and just looked huge all over."

Very kindly Zoe left us a review and shared some before and after pictures. Please note that the "After" picture is just two days later. What a difference!

Horse tummy bloating - review


EquiNectar helps your horse digest its feed. EquiNectar is added to your horse's feed, twice per day. It provides a natural source of digestive enzymes that allow your horse to better digest its feed. We've proven that there is a very positive impact on a horse's microbiome and toxic byproducts of digestion are significantly reduced. 


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