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EquiNectar - Before & After - Benefits and Photos

Customer submitted testimonial:

Horse owners often assume that Hindgut inflammation or irritation manifests as loose droppings and mild colic. Although this can be true it is becoming apparent as we learn more about the digestive tract of the horse that mild Hindgut issues can present in many ways.

I started using Equinectar because my horse suffers from very dry itchy skin (despite feeding omega 3, and appropriate topical treatment). The horse also displayed a couple of other strange behaviours, including a fascination of other horses droppings. I found despite feeding him well, on a nutritious high fibre diet, and good quality forage, he did not seem to flourish, and his skin and coat remained of poor quality.

I started feeding Equinectar in late September 2018. It should be acknowledged that keeping a good coat and gaining weight on a young, growing horse through the winter is hard work/ near on impossible sometimes. Yet, that is what has happened. My horse has put on an enormous amount of condition and muscle, despite being fed very little, living out for the majority of the winter and working hard. His skin is vastly improved. His fitness has exceeded my expectations. Local friends who have seen him out hacking have asked if it is the same horse.

It seems there is also a very beneficial behavioural effects as a result of feeding Equinectar. Twice now I have run out before reordering, and both times his manner under saddle has deteriorated.

Equinectar has exceeded my expectations, in ways I did not expect it to. My horse is flourishing being fed small amounts of feed, he is quite literally glowing with health, and licks his bowl clean.

I have included two photos of the horse, taken at almost a year apart in January.

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