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Introducing EquiNectar

Natural feed supplement to improve digestion, gut health and condition

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Could your horse be suffering digestive stress without you knowing?

EquiNectar is a natural feed supplement, made with our patented enzyme rich malt extract, that is scientifically proven to:

∙ Re-balance your horse’s gut bacteria

∙ Help your horse maximise benefits from its feed

∙ Improve your horse’s condition

EquiNectar is a natural product, made to human food standards

EquiNectar is a blend of naturally occurring digestive enzymes. It is made from our patented enzyme rich malt extract. It is derived from sprouting barley, one of nature's oldest health foods.

Scientifically proven to promote the optimal balance of gut bacteria and support your horse's digestive health

EquiNectar provides the enzymes needed to digest horse feed

These digestive enzymes aid your horse's digestion by breaking down complex carbohydrates (which can accumulate in the hind-gut and upset the microbiome).

These enzymes include: Amylase, Fructanase, Dextrinases, Cellulase, B-glucanase, Xylanase as well as others



We have just had a record breaking season 2018, we strategically placed a number of horses on Equinectar. Equinectar really encourages my horses to eat well in addition to using their food in a more efficient way, as a result the are in excellent condition and ready to win.

Stuart Williams - Diomed Stables

Vital to our yard routine, EQUINECTAR keeps horses consistent, consistently

Luca Cumani - Cumani Racing

A game-changer in the narrow margin world of horse racing.

Simon Rowlands - Rowlands Racing & Research Ltd

Scientifically shown to improve digestion, gut health and performance.


Re-balances gut bacteria

Increases nutrient absorption

Significantly improved performance in racehorses.

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