Natural feed supplement for racing pigeons to aid recovery, improve digestion and improve condition

AviNectar is a range of natural feed supplements, made with our patented Enzyme Rich Malt Extract, that is scientifically proven to:

  • Re-balance your pigeons' gut bacteria
  • Help your pigeons maximise benefits from their feed
  • Improve your pigeons' condition

AviNectar Race Recovery is designed to be fed immediately after racing and for the next couple of days.

It will help your pigeons recover faster, by supplying them with Enzyme Rich Malt Extract along with B-Vitamins, protein and electrolytes.

AviNectar Daily Boost can be fed every day, year round and will give your pigeons a daily tonic to help maximise nutrition from their feed as well as re-balance their gut bacteria.

It provides your pigeons with Enzyme Rich Malt Extract along with a higher concentration of B-Vitamins